The recipe for 10 people


– 1 kg of sheets of rustic lasagna Dieciprimi
– 500 g ricotta cheese
– 300 g cheese
– 500 g of calf meat and / or minced pork
– 500 g of tracchiole and cervellatine
– Grated pecorino cheese (not Roman)
– stale bread
– 4 eggs
– 1 kg of cut tomato biological Dieciprimi
– 2 onions
– celery
– carrots
– salt
– Extra virgin olive oil Dieciprimi
– A twenty of Neapolitan salami slices or, alternatively, two sausages

Prepare the sauce, starting from a base of onions fried in oil, half a carrot, a celery stalk chopped finementi. Add tracchiole and cervellatine and make gild. Now pour the tomato and games with the pippiata a few hours: having to cooking to be completed in the oven, you should stop for a while ‘before leaving the classic Neapolitan ragù sauce can keep the bright red color. Prepare the meatballs, mix ground beef, eggs, stale bread previously softened and pressed, pecorino cheese, salt. Let them in small balls and fry them in olive oil. Boil the pasta al dente, taking care to leave them because they will need an additional pass in the oven. Well, are you ready for the construction of your home. One layer of dough, then the sauce, cottage cheese, a sprinkling of pecorino. The meatballs and possibly meat shredded into small pieces of meat sauce, sausage or wieners, slices of cheese, the eggs begin to put them in the second layer together with meat sauce and ricotta. Climb long as you like, the higher the better. At the end you put a lot of sauce and leave in the oven for half an hour. To eat at least two or three hours after cooking, when everything has settled, perhaps by heating gently in a double boiler or steam, or letting it rest in the oven tightly closed. Lasagna, unlike the spaghetti, not too much should be eaten hot.